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The Best Avocados Around

Avocados are a nutrient-rich "superfood" that have many health benefits. With heart-healthy fatty acids, loads of fiber to help with weight loss and reduced blood-sugar levels, a hearty supply of vitamins K, C, E, B5, and B6, and more potassium than bananas, there are few foods that are as delicious and beneficial to the human body as the "alligator pear." 

At Avolena Produce, we offer the Chicagoland's finest avocados shipped directly from our family-operated farm in Mexico. By keeping our supply line in-house and in-family, we eliminate the middleman markup that often occurs when you're buying produce in Chicago, IL. Because we only sell 5 different sizes of avocados, we've become experts regarding the fruit. We know how to properly plant, grow, pick, ship, and store them so that when they get to you, they're ready to ripen and be enjoyed with all of your favorite meals. 

If you own a restaurant or store and offer avocado or guacamole, we'll help keep your costs down so that your customers can keep enjoying your food at an affordable price!

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Don't settle for anything less than the best. Let Leo at Avolena Produce give the finest avocados around at the best prices on the market. Call us today at (224) 402-2769 today to place an order. We look forward to serving you!

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